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Catering in Manchester: Unparalleled Services by Herb & Spice

When it comes to outstanding catering in Manchester, Herb & Spice Catering is the name to remember. This Cheshire-based company has been delivering exceptional catering services since 1999, earning a reputation for quality and innovation.

Exceptional Catering in Manchester

Their journey began after a marquee wedding in Disley and soon after, they found the Deli in Hale village, establishing their name as top caterers in the region. The Herb and Spice Garden, as it was known then, became synonymous with quality catering in both Cheshire and Manchester.

Simultaneously, they were approached to cater for The Bowdon Rooms, an iconic local venue that offers live music and food, as well as hosting weddings, parties, and large dinners. This has been their base for the past two decades – a testament to their commitment and quality.

  • Catering for prestigious events
  • Providing exceptional food services at The Bowdon Rooms
  • Running a successful deli in Hale village

Their catering in Manchester extends beyond local venues. They have landed big contracts with blue-chip companies and local sports clubs. Some of their highlights have been providing services to the Concord Conference Centre, UCI Cinemas, and the Manchester City Football Academy.

  1. Blue-chip companies as clients
  2. Delivering services at the Concord Conference Centre
  3. Providing for UCI Cinemas and Manchester City Football Academy

Over the years, the company’s logo and colours have been revamped, the name tweaked, but their core passion for what they do has remained consistent. After two decades, Herb and Spice Catering continues to enjoy providing top-notch catering in Manchester, driven by their unchanging passion for food and service.

From the quality of ingredients to the presentation of the dishes, each element is carefully thought out. Whether it’s a wedding, a corporate event, or a small gathering, they always aim to exceed expectations.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for exceptional catering in Manchester, Herb & Spice Catering is the perfect choice. Driven by passion and backed by decades of experience, they guarantee a memorable food experience for any event.