Wedding Catering in Mobberley

Wedding Catering in Mobberley Arranging for wedding catering in Mobberley by Herb & Spice will be one of the easier tasks on your extensive to-do list. Our many years of food preparation and catering has refined our selection and pricing methods so there is no miscommunication. We want your wedding feast to be perfectly suited to you and your guests. It may be difficult to please each and every guest but we are confident we can find a solution so everyone will find your wedding meal memorable.  When we meet to plan your wedding, we want you to be confident that we will have every detail covered. That includes the tables, linens, exquisite dinnerware, table decorations and gracious servers. Your celebratory meal will be served within the time frame you designate to coordinate with other reception activities such as introductions, speeches, greeting the guests and if desired, a preliminary cocktail and hors d’ oeuvre hour.

For your special event to be a success the food must be fresh, delicious and beautifully presented. We can promise that, in Mobberley, wedding catering for your wedding will meet those standards without breaking your budget. Our formal menu is based on three-tier pricing. All the foods on each price tier are outstanding but some products are more expensive to purchase and prepare than others. So you may choose a soup or salad from tier C, a side dish from tier B and the main entree from Tier A or any combination thereof. It’s all fresh and delicious, so whatever you choose, your guests will be thrilled with the flavour, presentation and service.  As we get to know your preferences and that of your guests, we will design a winning menu.

When wedding catering in Mobberley, we help you decide on the general menu that will make each of your guests feel valued. We also cater to your guests with individual special needs. Some may be vegetarians, others may require gluten free foods and still others may need dairy free restrictions. We will accommodate them and they will love the foods we prepare. For your younger guests, we have a special children’s menu that is sure to delight the young palates.  Contact us to take advantage of our award winning catering menus and our 20 years’ experience. We know you want each guest to feel welcome and appreciated. We can help you do that.

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