Event Catering in Bowdon

Event Catering in Bowdon Event catering in Bowdon by Herb & Spice is guaranteed to do far more than just supply food to your guests. We have been serving in this industry for over 20 years and one thing never changes; guests know when they are appreciated. It shows in the details. You can feed them or you can show your appreciation by serving food that will delight the palate and the eye. We have a large selection of menus at Herb & Spice that can be customised to suit your preferences. A winning menu is one that is delicious, beautifully presented and easy to eat. We do all that and we start with the freshest ingredients because that’s where the best flavour starts.

Food is so basic to our survival that it is at the centre of most all of our gatherings, happy or sad. In Bowdon, event catering means that menus may be chosen according to the event as well as the season. A festive spring feast will look very different from an autumn harvest gathering. A Christmas banquet will be joyous but a wedding is in a class all its own, no matter the season. We serve large corporate events, many with familiar names. But we cater family gatherings as well. Tell your family and friends to forget about bringing a dish to pass and just bring themselves. Then allow us to serve them and show your joy at having them with you to celebrate or mourn. Birthdays, anniversaries, engagement parties, graduations, christenings and holiday celebrations.

Our award winning event catering in Bowdon team knows that people like to celebrate and they like to eat. We know something else that is very important; a host and hostess wish to enjoy their own party, and we can make that happen. We arrange everything including the table set up, a choice of dinnerware, gracious and friendly servers and oh so important clean-up crew. Contact Herb & Spice for your next event, large or small. Show your guests how important they are to you with a menu that is sure to please everyone on your guest list. Leave the logistics and the work to us. After twenty years, we still love what we do and we do it well. We think you will agree.

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