Wedding Caterers in Alderley Edge

Wedding Caterers in Alderley Edge Herb & Spice are the perfect wedding caterers in Alderley Edge for everyone’s dream wedding. That is because as wedding caterers, we are not stuck in the rut of traditional boring wedding fare. From many caterers you’ll get a choice of 3 entrees preceded by a wet salad and followed up with a bit of custard. They will pull out their standard table decorations and don’t even think of asking them to stray from their menu plan. We are prepared for whatever pleases you. We are adaptable that way. Your wedding may be formal with elegance in every detail and held in a rose garden. Or maybe you are planning on a casual BBQ in your favourite forest park. Beach weddings are great with gauzy dresses and sparkly flip-flops and loads of scrumptious canapes and tropical drinks.

At Herb & Spice, we don’t present you with plan A, B & C, take it or leave it. No, in Alderley Edge, as wedding caterers we find out how you want your wedding party to look and taste. Then we set about creating it. Our experienced staff will work with you every step of the way, down to the last detail, to make your special day as you’ve always imagined it would be. We do have an extensive repertoire of delicious food menu recipes that span the spectrum of fabulous taste delights and imaginative presentation. Seasonal fresh ingredients are used because fresh tastes best. We also offer a kids menu plus specialised menus for special diet needs. No peanuts, no gluten, no animal products; no problem.

We see our responsibility as wedding caterers in Alderley Edge as a production. Once you’ve chosen the foods, we move on to the stage. This is tableware, linens and decorations. It’s also the flair with which the food is presented. Finally, it’s the cheery way we serve your guests with friendly but gracious interaction. Then, magically and unobtrusively whisk away the remains. Let your imagination fly, it’s your day after all. Contact Herb & Spice and lets start planning your idea of the perfect wedding. You won’t have to throw your budget away to create a memorable event. We have plenty of options in all price ranges and they all taste great.

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