Wedding Catering in Hale Barns

Wedding Catering in Hale Barns Selecting wedding catering in Hale Barns need not be an exhausting round of tasting visits and price comparisons. We recognise the heart of any celebration is the food. It must be special and it must be right. Above all, it must be delicious and tantalizingly presented. But before any of that happens, it has to fit your budget. If you want to treat your wedding guests with the special consideration they deserve, we can make your wedding dinner memorable for all the right reasons. We can do that for you without the exhaustive round of tastings. Many venues offer catering but it’s often quite limited. You choose from chicken, fish or beef with two sides, preceded by a mixed salad and finished with a bland dessert. After a few tastings, they all start to taste the same.

We can offer you an extensive selection of foods from a three tier pricing schedule that allows you to create your own menu and control the price. In Hale Barns, our wedding catering services offer incredible flexibility. If you have an idea of just the kind of wedding feast you want, we have twenty years of catering experience to make it happen. We can create a Bar B Que sensation or an elegant palate pleasing formal dining experience. We can create any of those and everything between that will please the eye as well as the taste buds and serve it with a smile. We are pleased to accommodate food restrictions and vegetarian guests. Don’t forget the children. We have menu selections especially for them.

Wedding catering in Hale Barns is less stressful when you choose our team. While we do have an extensive selection of foods from which to build your menu, your primary concern is probably taste. Our chefs are skilled and imaginative. If you have food favourites, we will prepare them to your liking. We always begin with the freshest of ingredients with a focus on in season produce. All of your selected foods will pass your taste test first before being added to your menu. Contact Herb & Spice and schedule a consultation with one of our wedding menu consultants. We’re full of great ideas to make your wedding feast a guest pleasing event.

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