Event Caterers in Alderley Edge

Wedding Catering in Prestbury If you are looking for wedding catering in Prestbury, you need somebody that fully understands the importance of this day. Weddings are among the most complicated events to adequately cater for. There are a myriad of considerations and opinions that go into account to make the day’s proceedings a success. They all need to be tailored to the couple’s interests as well as those of their families. Timing and detailing have to be executed to perfection. One needs to fully understand the logistics of the food and refreshments, as well as the different dietary requirements to serve a diverse population of guests. Communication is paramount between the organisers, the caterers as well as other service providers like the DJ, the photographers and the security and ushering team.

Herb and Spice are your best option if you need, in Prestbury, wedding catering for your special day. We are a team who has amassed invaluable experience having handled events for over two decades. Over and above the other services to be provided, none is scarcely as important as the catering to the nutritive needs of the guests who will attend the wedding. A long-standing track record of good service is important in this regard, not only to handle the aforementioned issues, but also to be able to readjust in the case of any unprecedented diversion from the normal course of events. If you are to be prepared for the worst, it makes sense to trust those with experience

For wedding catering in Prestbury, you need a well-coordinated team of staff. Weddings have evolved with time. Menus have become more specific and bespoke. They deal with a vast array of meals and drinks, as well as the auxiliary processes that come along with them such as handling sanitation, cake cutting and distribution and cleaning up. Herb and Spice can do all of these and more, and at a very fair and friendly fee. Contact us today if you are looking for wedding caterers that tick all the right boxes. Trust our personnel to walk with you from the inception of the ideas, to the end of the red-letter day.

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